Our Products

The classic Roller Shade is a great, cost effective option when it comes to window shades. These shades are made our of fabric or vinyl to filter or block light out. We offer a great selection of colors and fabrics to match your in home aesthetic, and unlike the big box stores we don't charge for the cassette valance to ensure you get the best look possible. These shades do not disappoint!

The Zebra Dual shades allow you to maintain that soft feel from a fabric shade while giving you the style and light control that you could get in a traditional horizontal blind. The thick fabric vanes are split by layers of fabric sheers to give you a soft feel while blocking out up to 99 percent of harmful UV light. We have several different high quality color options that are very durable, meaning these shades will not only make your home look great, they will also last.

Cellular Shades are becoming more and more popular due to their energy efficiency. The honeycomb shape allows for pockets of air that create a barrier between the window and indoor area. These shades can be made in a variety of colors to match any home while helping you maintain your privacy. They can also be made as a top down/bottom up to give you the best light control during the day.

Our Outdoor Shades are the perfect solution to those who want to use their outdoor spaces without dealing with harsh UV rays and the glare of the sun. We can help you take back that outdoor space with our beautiful exterior shades, built to withstand the toughest elements for years. We offer these in 5%, 8%, 10% and 20% openness, so we can suit your exact outdoor needs. Similar to our roller shades, we do not charge for the cassette valance to give your outdoor space the best aesthetic possible. These exterior shades not only look amazing, they also help preserve your outdoor space and make your outdoor area more comfortable than ever.

On top of these great products, we also offer a variety of other options. We offer vertical, Shangri-La (tri-fold), faux-wood blinds, roman shades, and much more. If interested in any of these options, please send us an email or fill out our form on our contact us page.